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Life finds a way.

life-finds-a-way(Image: Posted in melbourneer.com)

Nature finds a way.



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Ever have one of those mornings?


Happy Hump Day!


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This video, entitled “Our Story in 1 Minute”…

… created by MelodySheep.


Video Credit & Copyright: MelodySheepSymphony of Science, John Boswell; Music Credit: Our Story

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OK, so there I was, sitting at my other café, minding my own business…

I was alternating between going through my emails, doing a bit of writing and checking out the other patrons. I noticed a particularly lovely young lady at the counter along the window… gorgeous silhouette against the light of the late afternoon. Her back was to me but I noticed her long dark brown hair and pale skin. Quite a vision.

The waitress, Krista (more on her in another blog), came over to me and struck up a conversation. No sooner had my voice wafted over the café airwaves than the pretty girl at the window turned my way.

It was my dear friend Wendy!

She brought over her soup and drink and plonked herself at my table. I couldn’t have been happier. I introduced Wendy to fellow-loony, Krista. They’d met. Of course, they’d met. Loonies have a way of gravitating to one another.

A few words about my dear friend Wendy. Young, pretty, spiritual, fun… bit of an intellectual but in a good way.

We share many of the same odd interests. For example, we’re both zombie and vampyre nuts. We can, and have, spend long periods of time discussing various aspects of The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, especially the physiognomy of the living dead.

We also share an almost unnatural passion for grocery shopping (more on that in another blog).

Wendy’s long hair is quite something. Thick, rich… fantastic. She has a habit of playing with it that makes it even more attractive.

We promised each other to set up a grocery shopping date. The only thing better than doing groceries is having someone I like to keep me company. I can think of few people with whom I’d rather shop for groceries than Wendy.

It’s a real advantage that Wendy is eccentric. It takes the pressure off in that neither of us feel we have to ‘act normal.’ We can be ourselves. Such a relief in these trying times.

It really helps when friends share quirks and compulsions. A lot fewer explanations are required.

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Here are some science stories we’ve missed over the last month!

How Darwin Can Save Your Marriage

Sex isn’t such a big deal, says Christopher Ryan, author Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality, which he coauthored with Cacilda Jethá. So why do we let sex get in the way of all the other important things?

The point of marriage, after all, is to grow old with someone and develop a sense of trust. Infidelity happens in half of all marriages. Many end in divorce. The institution of marriage seems to be in big trouble, but Ryan says an understanding of the way humans evolved can help us cope.

Ryan points out that we are hardwired to crave novelty, and that’s what leads to infidelity. Ryan says the way culture responds to this “natural behavior,” however, causes more problems than it solves. Therefore, Ryan argues we need to take a “harm reduction approach” over an “absolutist approach.”

5 Crazy Inventions from the Mind of Nikola Tesla

Earthquake machines! Death rays! Those far-fetched gadgets are part of a plan to build a museum dedicated to one of history’s most famous mad scientists.(Photo: Herbert Barraud/Getty Images)

Early 20th century inventor Nikola Tesla was ahead of his time with concepts that ranged from x-rays to robotics.

Fish play video games at Princeton

Researchers have used a video game projected into a fish tank to study the behaviour of predatory bluegill sunfish.

The team at Princeton University developed a simulation based on the type of prey favoured by the species.

Yes, Algebra is Necessary

When I first saw yesterday’s New York Times op-ed, I mistook it for a joke. The title, “Is algebra necessary?” had the ring of Thurber’s classic essay, “Is sex necessary?”, a send-up of psychological sex manuals of the 1920s.

Unfortunately, the author, Andrew Hacker, poses the question in earnest, and draws the conclusion that algebra should not be required of all students.

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I’ve given this a lot of thought and have come to two conclusions.

One: most people don’t know how properly to flirt. This is because…

Two: most people don’t know what flirting is.

Flirting is as complex as it is fundamental.

Flirting is about communicating with a person through a careful procedure that involves a little curiosity, a bit of brevity and laughter, and some meaningful glances and smiles. While it can be aggressive and obvious, I personally put this overt style of flirting in the ‘hitting on someone’ category.

To me, flirting is quiet and subtle. A look that lingers a moment longer than it otherwise would. The tiniest of smiles. The most seemingly innocent double entendre or Freudian slip. A meaningful exchange of glances in reaction to what a third person says. The most subtle of body language. Ideally, only the most observant of bystanders would even know there was any flirting going on at all.

One popular fact that gets tossed around a great deal is that scientists believe there are as many as 52 “flirting signals” used by humans around the world.

I don’t know how or where the scientists picked up such information but speaking strictly for myself the Number One Undisputed Capital of Flirting, bar none, is The South.

There is something about the flirting that goes on south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Flirting is not merely a skill way down yonder in the land of cotton… it has been elevated, refined and transformed into an Art!

It is through the art of flirtation that people in The South experience the pleasures of interacting with the opposite sex.

Flirting can be a means by which to get into a relationship, of course. It is certainly an enjoyable way to get to know someone initially.

But to me, flirting is an end in and of itself. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere else. To me, flirting is its own reward.

And when flirting with a Southern Girl… the rewards are immeasurable.

It’s been 12 years since I went down to The South. It’s been 12 years since I’ve experienced Flirtation as Art.

Nothing compares. Nothing comes close.

I miss it.

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One night when I was driving down from Canada to Arkansas, I stopped at Jackson, Tennessee.

A few months before, an old girlfriend of mine, LK, introduced me to a wonderful place in Jackson called Casey Jones Village and I thought I would pop by to see if it was still open.

As I pulled in and parked, I could tell they’d had some kind of festival or concert there and, sadly, it looked like I’d missed it. Everyone seemed to be packing up. Rather than head back out on the highway, I decided to get out and stretch my legs and have a bit of a poke around.

I’ve never had bad luck meeting people in The South.

I headed toward the Old Country Store & Restaurant as there was group of musicians gathered there just to the left of the store. Looked like maybe they were a family. Two young ladies on violin. Two older gents on guitar. A stand-up bass. A banjo. Perhaps a harmonica.

I’d almost reached them when they lifted their instruments.

And that is when I heard it.

That small group of musicians started playing the beautiful Tennessee Waltz.

I just froze in my tracks, taking it all in. I was transfixed.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever experienced a perfect moment. I did that night at that place.

The music. The night. The mild night air. A gentle breeze blowing the long blonde hair of one of the girls playing the violin.

I was in awe.

It was like looking at a Norman Rockwell painting come to life.

Although I know it’s not possible, it seems to me I held my breath the entire time. I was so afraid that if I spoke, if I moved, if I did anything… I would spoil the absolute perfection of the moment.

I’ve always liked the Tennessee Waltz. But on that exact night at that exact time and place… it was the most beautiful tune I’d ever heard.

When they finished, they began packing away their instruments.

As I quietly came forward, I noticed a big old mason jar with some money in it. Not a lot of money, I’m sad to say.

I took all the cash I had on me and rolled it up, put a $5 bill around the outside and placed it into the mason jar. It must have been around $400, I think. And I actually felt guilty for not being able to pay more… to pay them as much as they were worth in my eyes.

You see, I wasn’t giving them money. I was merely trying to pay back a small token amount of what they had given to me that night.

You can’t put a dollar value on perfection.

I’ll always remember that night… and The Tennessee Waltz.

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