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Most women are pretty darned sure that most men are crazy.


But do we have to prove it to them so darned often?


I mean really.


Come on, guys!


We’re making it far to easy for them!


We could at least let’s try to make it challenging.


But noooooo!!


Get a grip, men.


Let’s not hand it to them on a silver platter.





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We Need to Talk about the Onesie…

one-direction-onesies(One Direction… straight to fashion hell)

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Published January 4, 2014.


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…because it’s ugly… It’s awful… it’s unflattering… and it just looks really ridiculous and goofy.

In short: Onesies should never be worn outdoors. And yet, that is exactly what many people ended up doing in 2013. What happened to the world?

Since when did it become acceptable to wear baby pajamas in public? You’re adults! You should not be wearing long-legged, baggy animal costumes with fleece lining and zippers reaching from the neck to somewhere far below what is morally justifiable. You really shouldn’t.

To make things even worse, celebrities are contributing substantially to this trend deplorably universal frying of all stylish brain cells. Justin Bieber, One Direction, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt,…Everyone wears them outdoors. In public. For everyone to see. As if it is the most normal thing on the planet.


Let me tell you something, dear celebrities and all the others who are suffering from…

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Every once in a while, fashion – like art, music, food, children and other aspects of one’s life – goes through an unfortunate phase.


One such phase occurred in the 19th century.


The bustle.


I’m not sure if this fashion tort will ever again inflict its beasty society upon right-thinking members of society.


We cannot, however, become too complacent about this issue.


Our watchword must be, “Ceaseless Vigilance!”


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You don’t have to go out of town to see some spectacular trees. A lot of the best trees are right in the city.

The American Elm.


This shot was taken in Central Park, smack dab in the middle of one of the world’s all time best Big Cities.

New York, New York. The place so nice, they had to name it twice!

I love Central Park. And I love these trees. Being in Central park in autumn… the leaves, the colours… makes you feel like you’re in a movie. You expect to see Woody Allen or Ben Stiller or Meg Ryan & Billy Crystal just out of the corner of your eye.

One of my favourite places in the whole world. How I would love to be standing on the Gapstow Bridge right now.


Image Credit: Chris Schoenbohm

Regarding this photo, Mr Schoenbohm says, “I went up to the Mall Area in New York City’s Central Park yesterday to capture some of fall color starting to happen in the city.  The wide sidewalk here is lined with  American Elm.  These trees are grand, with large, erratic branches that look and act like the octopus tentacles from 1000 Leagues Under the Sea.  (Remember that ride at Disney World? – Ha, I’m getting old). The leaves all change in harmony in this area of the park because it’s the only type of tree around, making for a postcard-like shot.  I was even able to capture the famous sidewalk with no tourists and vendors present because of the rain we had yesterday.”

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A very dear friend of mine sent me this photo, knowing it combined two of my favourite flavours…


Peanut butter and banana!

It appears that the sorcerers over at Kraft Canada Inc. have put something together especially for me!

Needless to say, I ran right out and bought myself a jar.


This morning, I toasted up a whole wheat bagel and applied the new BGP peanut butter liberally thereon.

Oh… my… goodness! It’s just great!

I added some thinly sliced bananas on top which only made it even more deliciouser!!

You have to try this stuff!!


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Did you know, gentle reader, that there are approximately 10 quintillion bugs in the word?

cockroach-birth(Cockroach adding to the surplus population)

That’s 10,000,000,000,000,000,000!


Although estimates vary, that’s about 200 million insects for every man, woman and child on earth!

spider-panties(They’re everywhere!)

Not sure if that figure includes arachnids or not.


That’s a crapload of bugs, and no mistake.


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The Rules to Always Being a Gentleman


Learn it. Live it. Love it!


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