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Our Hearts are Breaking.


Boruch Dayan HaEmes.

May their neshamas have an aliyah.



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Gone for Passover!

I will be away for the week of Passover.



This year, Passover starts Monday evening April 14.

I will return Wednesday April 23.

Have a happy Passover!


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Greek Style Oven Roasted Lemon Butter Parmesan Potatoes

3 lbs potatoes
1 cup chicken-flavoured broth (pareve)
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
¼ cup butter, melted
1 teaspoon oregano (or to taste)
1 tablespoon fresh minced garlic (optional or to taste)
salt and pepper
½ – ¾ cup grated parmesan cheese (or to taste)
chopped fresh parsley



  1. Set oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Butter a shallow baking dish large enough to hold the potatoes.
  3. Peel and cut the potatoes into large wedges and place into the prepared baking dish.
  4. In a bowl combine the broth, lemon juice, butter, oregano, salt, pepper and minced garlic (if using); mix well to combine.
  5. Pour over potatoes in the dish and stir to coat well.
  6. Cover the dish tightly with foil.
  7. Bake for about 40 minutes.
  8. Uncover and turn potatoes.
  9. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and return to oven (uncovered).
  10. Bake for another 20-30 minutes, or until potatoes are done to desired tenderness.
  11. Sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley and serve.

*NOTE* the Parmesan may be sprinkled on just after baking if desired.


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Great recipe from Fashion Food and Flirts!

Seriously Good Salmon Curry

A One-Pot Wonder. That is the best way to describe this heartwarming curry. Miraculously rich in flavour, magically packed full of spices and wizardly soothing with heavenly salmon and potatoes.


Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 4 salmon fillets, cut into large chunks
  • 400 gr potatoes (preferably those cute small ones), blanched
  • 1 yellow pepper, roughly chopped
  • 1 red pepper, roughly chopped
  • 200 gr butternut, cut into 1 cm chunks
  • 400 gr/ 1 can of tomatoes
  • 250 gr Greek yogurt
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 onion,
  • 3 cm piece of ginger
  • 2 tbsp tandoori powder
  • 1 tbsp garam masala
  • 1 tbsp turmeric
  • Fresh coriander


  1. Mix together the ginger, onion and garlic in a food processor until you get a smooth paste. Stir this paste into the yoghurt, together with the tandoori powder.
  2. Put the salmon chunks into a large bowl and cover with the tandoori-spiced yoghurt. Put in the fridge and marinade for at least half an hour.
  3. Cut your cute potatoes in half. Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a large pot and add the potatoes, butternut and peppers. Fry for a couple of minutes. Add the can of tomatoes, turmeric and garam masala. Let it simmer on a low heat until the vegetables are just tender. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Add the salmon chunks to your curry together with the yummy yoghurt marinade. Stir carefully and let it simmer for another 5 to 10 minutes until your salmon is cooked.
  5. Finish with a generous sprinkling of fresh coriander.



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Cheesey Mushroom Pull Apart Bread

Thanks to the amazing Tamar [1] for bringing this BeanTownBaker.com recipe to my attention!

Mushrooms and cheese make this pull apart bread so delicious you won’t be able to stop picking at it!

Perfect for Super Bowl!


I’m just going to come out and say this bread is AMAZING. Seriously. If you are looking for ideas for the Superbowl, MAKE THIS BREAD. Actually, you should make it this weekend to test it out and play with what flavors you want to use as a practice run. Then make it again next weekend to share with your friends at the Superbowl.


But be warned, it’s quite addictive. In fact, maybe you should plan to bring two to your Superbowl party. It’s seriously so gooey from the melted cheese. The butter, green onion, and poppy seed sauce on top really takes this bread to the next level.


When I saw this recipe, I was instantly thinking of other flavors you could stuff into the bread. Anything that works on pizza would be great here. I went with provolone and mushroom this time.


[TREYF ALERT!] I’m sure it would be great with pepperoni and mozzarella, bacon and cheddar, or just plain old cheese. If you guys make this, you have to come back and let me know what flavors you made. (For all you gentiles out there!) 

Yield: serves 6-8


For the Mushrooms
12 oz sliced mushrooms
1 Tbsp butter
1 Tbsp chopped fresh thyme

For the Bread
1 unsliced loaf sourdough bread
12 ounces Provolone cheese, thinly sliced
1/2 cup butter, melted
1/2 cup finely diced green onion
2 teaspoons poppy seeds


For the Mushrooms
Heat a medium skillet on medium. Add the butter.  Once the butter is melted, add the mushrooms. Cook 4-5 minutes until they start to sweat. Add the thyme and continue to cook another 2-3 minutes.

Set mushrooms aside and allow to cool.

For the Bread
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the bread lengthwise and widthwise without cutting through the bottom crust. This can be a little tricky going the second way but the bread is very forgiving.

Place loaf on a foil-lined baking sheet.

Insert cheese slices between cuts. Pour the mushrooms between the cuts. Use your fingers to push the mushrooms down into the loaf.
Combine butter, onion, and poppy seeds. Drizzle over bread. Wrap in foil; place on a baking sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Unwrap the bread and bake 10 more minutes, or until cheese is melted.

Recipe adapted from The Girl Who Ate Everything.


[1] My lovely friend Tamar! One of the most amazing young ladies ever. See more of this remarkable woman at the Vampyre Fangs blog article, Tichel, Tichel, Tichel!

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Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

From the folks at Grandmother’s Kitchen!

Finger lickin’ and crowd pleasin’…


8 chicken drumsticks



  1. Using a sharp knife, make a couple of cuts into the thickest part of each drumstick.
  2. Arrange drumsticks in a single layer in a glass or ceramic dish.
  3. Combine soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and garlic in a bowl and then rub over chicken.
  4. Place chicken in the fridge for 30 minutes to marinate.
  5. Grease and preheat grill to medium.
  6. Sprinkle chicken with sesame seeds and grill on direct heat for 10-15 minutes to get frill marks, then transfer to indirect heat for another 15-20 minutes until cooked.


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Molasses Raisin Cookies


1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup molasses mixed with 1 tsp baking soda
2 cups flour
2 cups oats
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cloves, optional
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup sour milk mixed with 1 tsp baking soda
2 cup raisins, rolled in flour



Preheat oven to 375° F. Grease cookie sheet.

Cream together butter and sugar until fluffy; add eggs and molasses-soda mixture.

Sift together flour, and spices, if not using cloves up the cinnamon to 2 teaspoons; add alternately with sour milk-soda mixture. Mix in oats and raisins.

Drop by teaspoon onto prepared cookie sheet. Bake 10 to 12 minutes.
Makes 6 dozen

Use heavy cream in place of sour milk
Use 2 tsp cinnamon if not using any cloves
Use 4 cups of flour and omit the oats


From Granny’s Favorites Cookbooks

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