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Right now, we are in the middle of the Jewish festival of Sukkot. [1]

Just for the person who has to have lunch on the go, my dear friend Steven Burke has come up with his own clever variation of the sukkah-mobile.

Open two car doors, put two 2x4s over the door tops and rest the s’chach on top of the 2x4s!


sukkah-mobile(Image Credit: Steven Burke)

The chochmah and binah demonstrated here is inspirational!

Once again, Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

Bravo, Steven. Yasher Koach! 


[1]  As commanded in the Bible (Lev. 23:33-44). Christians may know Sukkot by the name Feast of Tabernacles (KJV), Festival of Tabernacles (NIV), Feast of Booths (NASB), etc.


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Sadly, I was unable to help my friend set up his sukkah this year. I was really looking forward to it, but… that’s show biz.

I imagine, however, that it most likely would have gone something… like this…


OK… It was the day after Yom Kippur and my dear friend and host was keen to get started in setting up his sukkah.

(A normal sukkah)

A word of explanation is in order at this point, I think.

Your average (observant) Jew, when setting up a sukkah, tends to build a simple enclosure big enough to fit his family around a small table.

Suffice it to say that my gracious host is not ‘your average Jew’… not by a long shot. And I am not exactly the poster boy for ‘normal’, either!

How can I best describe the structure my friend and I erected? Hmmm…

It’s practically an extension of – or maybe even an addition to – his house… the North Wing, as it were.

This edifice can comfortably sit a dozen or so adults and, in a pinch, a few more! It has side tables and mantles. It has electricity. It has hot and cold running water and a sink! It has a retractable roof covering! It has just about everything… except a gun rack on the wall, which was vetoed, I think, without giving the idea fair enough consideration.

(The sukkah as it might look if left completely up to us!)

My friend’s lovely wife usually does almost all of the decorations inside the sukkah but this year, as she is with child, she wisely decided not to exert herself too much by trying to decorate what is, for many people, the equivalent of a rather expansive castle dining hall.

She outsourced the work to me and her husband.

With no one to supervise us other than my friends’ bearded collie, Shimshi (a lax foreman if there ever was one!), it remains to be seen whether she feels that leaving her husband and me to our own devices was an advisable course of action. I am not sure she will entirely approve of the Tour de France posters (his) and CDC Zombie Preparedness posters (mine) that will inevitably find their way onto the walls of the sukkah unless direct intervention is forcefully applied. My second attempt at suggesting the wall-mounted gun rack also met with failure. Though I fought tenaciously, once again, my friend remained unswayed by my line of reasoning.

(Initial interior design sketch for the sukkah)

Purists might say that my friend and I were a tad ‘out of control.’

To them I say, “Piffle!” That’s right. I said “Piffle” and, by gum, I meant it!

Hopefully, and with a little help from above, we will be done putting on the finishing touches in time for Sukkot (I’m still hoping for a last minute reprieve on the gun rack idea) and will enjoy a festive and meaningful holiday!


Because of the Jewish High Holy Days, articles on this blog will not be posted on their usual days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Things will return to normal some time after the holidays. Around October 24.

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