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Saw these photos yesterday and had to share them with you.

First this…

moon-kisses-sea(Moon kissing the ocean horizon)

Then this..

Moon-Poseidon-Temple-Sounio-Greece(Moon over the Temple of Poseidon, Sounio, Greece)

Just because a full moon low in the sky is just so awesome




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Daytime Moon Meets Morning Star

The NASA site ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day‘ continues to blow me away.

This is the photo for this morning, February 27, 2014.

venus-moon-occultation(Image Credit & Copyright: Cui Yongjiang and Shi Zexing)

Here is NASA’s blurb…

Explanation: Venus now appears as planet Earth’s brilliant morning star standing above the eastern horizon before dawn. For most, the silvery celestial beacon rose in a close pairing with an old crescent Moon on February 26. But seen from locations in western Africa before sunrise, the lunar crescent actually occulted or passed in front of Venus, also in a crescent phase. Farther to the east, the occultation occurred during daylight hours. In fact, this telescopic snapshot of the dueling crescents was captured just before the occultation began under an afternoon’s crystal clear skies from Yunnan Province, China. The unforgettable scene was easily visible to the naked eye in broad daylight.

If you don’t already do so, please consider making NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day part of your daily online routine.

You won’t regret it.


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Most people like a full moon.

I LOVE a full moon.

I ADORE a full moon.

A big full moon, low in the sky, grabs me by the kishkas and never lets me go.

It is awe and wonder and romance and timelessness.

Rising or setting… it’s all the same with me. I’ll take either one.

I think it is the harvest moon that gets me the most.

They say that along with affecting… in fact, creating… the tides, a full moon also can have a powerful effect on people that borders on madness. (Hence, the words ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’)

Last month, on August 31, 2012, those of us lucky enough to have clear skies got to see a Blue Moon – the second full moon in the same month.

It is possible for a month to have no full moon but only if that month is a February.

From now until the year 3000,  there are only three years where February has no full moon. Those years are 2572, 2792 and 2944.

In those three years, both January and March have two Full Moons. In other words, a No-Moon February is bracketed by two Blue Moons.

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