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A very dear friend of mine, TR, was kind enough to send me (via Xpresspost) four sweet raisin challahs… and some honey cake!

(Amazingly good raisin challah, braided in a circle for Rosh HaShana!)

The fact that she shipped them from Winnipeg all the way to my home in the Niagara Region made it all the more wonderful!

For a variety of reasons, I was not able to taste the challah until this morning.

O… M… G!!

Truly challalicious!!

(Loose Translation: To/for the honour of [the] Sabbath and [the] holy day)

For those who have not had the joyful experience of enjoying a proper kosher sweet raisin challah, you HAVE to try it.

Thank you, TR! You are, as always, an angel!


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