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Most women are pretty darned sure that most men are crazy.


But do we have to prove it to them so darned often?


I mean really.


Come on, guys!


We’re making it far to easy for them!


We could at least let’s try to make it challenging.


But noooooo!!


Get a grip, men.


Let’s not hand it to them on a silver platter.





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We Need to Talk about the Onesie…

one-direction-onesies(One Direction… straight to fashion hell)

Reblogged from FashionFoodandFlirts.com
Published January 4, 2014.


fashion, food and flirts

…because it’s ugly… It’s awful… it’s unflattering… and it just looks really ridiculous and goofy.

In short: Onesies should never be worn outdoors. And yet, that is exactly what many people ended up doing in 2013. What happened to the world?

Since when did it become acceptable to wear baby pajamas in public? You’re adults! You should not be wearing long-legged, baggy animal costumes with fleece lining and zippers reaching from the neck to somewhere far below what is morally justifiable. You really shouldn’t.

To make things even worse, celebrities are contributing substantially to this trend deplorably universal frying of all stylish brain cells. Justin Bieber, One Direction, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt,…Everyone wears them outdoors. In public. For everyone to see. As if it is the most normal thing on the planet.


Let me tell you something, dear celebrities and all the others who are suffering from…

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There, Their, They’re…


Why is this so hard, people!?


I mean really!


But use them properly… and I just melt!


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As followers of this blog know, I have a long and tortured past when it comes to my ‘office’… a certain spot at a certain address which has gone through various incarnations over the last few years.

Originally, I set up shop there when it was The Café on Main.

My Office(Cafe on Main – my office, as it then was)

Then, when it was the Ambrosia Café, I re-inserted myself at the same spot and declared that my office was open once more!

Ambrosia-2(Ambrosia – my office, right side, farthest table back)

In its present incarnation, the Bridgewater Café has provided me my office space once more. I felt I was, once again, firmly ensconced.

bridgewater-cafe-3(Bridgewater – my office, in front of the counter near the pillar)

That is, until I walked into the Bridgewater last Tuesday!

Judge my chagrin when my office was replaced with a couch, coffee table and some armchairs!

The pain. The loss. The sense of betrayal.

The lovely Shannon gave some lame excuse about the City finding that there were too many seats/tables for the number of bathrooms available and forced them to reduce the seating space.

shannon(Here’s a shot of the lovely Shannon NOT coming to my rescue!)

Be that as it may, I would have hoped that the staff would have blocked any such attempt to eliminate my office.

Shannon should have put up a fight. I suppose she felt that you can’t fight City Hall. Or at least you can try but you will most likely be charged with assault.

Ashley(The fair Ashley – she would have stopped it)

I know for a fact that the fair Ashley, given the opportunity, would have stormed over to City Hall (kitty corner to the Bridgewater) like an angry, torch-wielding villager in a Universal Studios horror movie.

Alas, the damage had been done.

bridgewater-office-1(There it is… GONE!)

This is what has become of my precious office space.

I don’t know which is worse… not having an office… or going to the café, sitting at another table and looking longingly at where my office used to be.


I am NOT happy. 😦


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A March 10 – 11 survey by Public Policy Polling reveals that a majority of Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi – states with primary elections last night Tuesday March 13 – believe the President of the United States is a Muslim. Forty-five percent of Republican voters in Alabama think Obama is a Muslim, while 41 percent are “unsure.” Only 14 percent believe he is Christian. In Mississippi, belief in the president’s supposed Muslim faith is even stronger. Fifty-two percent of Republicans there think Obama is Muslim, while 36 percent are unsure and only 12 percent believe he is Christian.

Yes, boy and girls… It’s that time again! With the political world returning its attention to the voting action in Dixie, the bulk of the nation is indulging once more in that most satisfying of political pastimes: jeering at what a pack of racist, ass-backward idjits they think populate the Deep South.

Don’t get me wrong. Believe you me,  I love pokin’ fun at The South as much as the next guy. Maybe even more so. But I need to state plainly and clearly that, for me, it’s done out of love. For all of its quirks and idiosyncrasies, I love The South. I sincerely do.

So when I see these kinds of survey results being broadcast, I get a bit shirty and more than a bit suspicious. And here’s why…

You don’t see these kinds of survey questions asked in Vermont or Oregon or Michigan. Why does The South get the dubious benefit of being asked questions that deliberately expose certain facets of the culture?

So an average of one in four respondents still think inter-racial marriage shouldn’t be legal. A whole lot of Republicans in Mississippi and Alabama can’t get with that whole ebony-and-ivory thing. Racist? Ayuh, I’d say so. But can someone please explain to me what this has to do with the current Republican presidential race? Discussions of gay marriage I understand. But interracial marriage – since when is this a relevant topic in American politics?

Similarly, why do we need to know respondents’ views on evolution? Last time I checked, not even Santorum was waving the creationism (or intelligent design) banner in this race.

You don’t see Arizona or Colorado Republicans asked about how they feel about Hispanics and if they should all be rounded up and sent back to Mexico. I don’t recall any polls conducted in certain sections of New Jersey society as to what the people there think about blacks.

Every state has its not-so-admirable biases. I don’t see what it adds to the public discourse in asking Republicans in the Deep South – and evidently only these states – about these particular issues.

At least with comedians, you know it’s supposed to be a joke. You may not laugh or you may not even appreciate the humour but at last you know that’s the point of the exercise.

Not so when a polling company puts out such facts.

It’s a cheap shot. Under the mask of political research, it’s just cultural profiling for laughs, and easy ones at that.

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While packing to go off on a bit of a Festivus vacation and spend some time with my dear SigOth, SG, I kept browsing the science sites.

Here is a small sampling of some of the more amusing titles out there today, all of them legit!

Scientists Discover Deep-Fried Planets!

Whole New Meaning for Thinking on your Feet: Brains of Small Spiders Overflow into Legs!

Infectious Fungus, Thought to be Asexual, Isn’t!

Was Saint Paul Struck Blind and Converted by Lightning?

Robots Interact, Snub Humans!

How to Break Murphy’s Law!

Why We Feel Nostalgic During the Holidays!

Evolution of Genitals: Shape Matters More than Size!

And they say scientists are boring!

Kosher Samurai is shutting down for the holidays!

We’ll be back in the first week of January.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Happy Hanukah, Happy Festivus,

Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Sincerely, The Kosher Samurai


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The enviro-geeks at Ethical Ocean have delved into the serious issue of Santa’s carbon footprint.

Seen by millions as a jolly old soul, this bearer of gifts and muncher of cookies also has a dark side – a dark, polluting side that the environmental movement must address.  For centuries we have allowed this to occur every single year but the toll now is too great. Just look at these troubling conclusions.

(To see the full-size info-graphic, click here, then click on the image to enlarge it)

According to the study, “In just one night, Santa releases almost 69.4 million metric tons of carbon emissions. That is roughly the amount of annual carbon emissions produced by the country of Qatar.”

Some disturbing details:

  • A team of seven-foot tall tundra reindeer will emit 40,668 metric tons equivalent of carbon dioxide during their 122 million mile trip. Much like cattle, reindeer produce methane through normal animal digestive functions, which is 21 times as potent a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide.
  • The typical lump of coal found in a naughty child’s stocking weighs approximately six ounces. If 1/5 of all children in the world are on the naughty list, 75,000 tons of coal will be left in stockings. 37,111 tons equivalent of carbon dioxide was released in the mining of that coal in the form of methane gas. Another 194,591 metric tons will be emitted if they choose the burn the coal Christmas morning;
  • The Christmas Eve tradition of leaving out milk and cookies comes at a cost to the environment. It takes 900 and 750 grams worth of carbon emissions per kilogram of food to produce milk and cookies, respectively;
  • Toys are, by far, the top contributor of Santa’s carbon footprint. From the initial production and assembly to the packaging and eventual disposal, toys for good children will release 68.1 million metric tons of CO2.

Just think about this next time you wish for old St. Nick to drop off prezzies to you and all the other little kiddie-winkers out there. Your moment of Christmas joy comes at the expense of our environment, our future and the lives of our grandchildren!

Add that to the visions of sugar plums dancing in your head as you sleep Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!

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