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avocado(Bacon-wrapped avocado)

Yes. Bacon.



bacon-opoly(Saw this at Bass Pro Shops – couldn’t resist!)

Sorry, boys and girls.

bun(Bacon as bun!)

I know it’s been an unconscionably long time since my last blog.


I’ve been busy.


Like ‘nuts’ busy.

coconut-bacon(Original? There’s more than one?)

Not to worry, though.

explosion(An explosion of bacon!)

I swore to myself that the first thing I would do…

first-aid(In case of emergency, administer bacon!)

Once I got back to the old blog site…



(Because nothing says ‘birthday’ like bacon frosting!)

Was give you a bacon update!

garfield-bacon(Bacon has few fans as loyal as Garfield!)

And here it is.

house(Home sweet home!)

Just for you.

kosher-bacon-chips(Check out the bottom left corner. COR! It’s kosher!)



I’d say, “It’s good for you!”…

no-pig-bacon(Who’s behind this anarchist movement?)

But we all know I’d be toying with the truth.


Just when you thought the end was near…


And you’d given up all hope…


More bacon photos!

gold(Gold sprinkled bacon)


It gives life a sense of purpose.

jello(As far as I can tell, this is bacon/cheese jello)

OK, a few more.

weave-taco(Weave bacon taco!)

That bacon taco deserves another photo.

weave-choco-taco(Bacon taco with chocolate sauce and peanuts!)

I’ve been away for a while.

soap(Manly, yes. But I like it too!)

And I have a lot of bacon photos!

spam(Bacon wrapped spam!)

And when I say, “a lot”…


I mean “a lot!”


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A well-read morning pick-me-up!


Have a wonderful day!


Thanks to the Caffeina Festival Facebook page.

Thanks also to the lovely and talented Francesca Charlotte Ventresca, one of my most adorable relatives.

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Most women are pretty darned sure that most men are crazy.


But do we have to prove it to them so darned often?


I mean really.


Come on, guys!


We’re making it far to easy for them!


We could at least let’s try to make it challenging.


But noooooo!!


Get a grip, men.


Let’s not hand it to them on a silver platter.




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Gone for Passover!

I will be away for the week of Passover.



This year, Passover starts Monday evening April 14.

I will return Wednesday April 23.

Have a happy Passover!


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Sorry I’ve not been around as regularly as I usually am. I just finished editing my first novel, and am a month away from finishing and editing my second novel,  volumes one and two in “The Great Dead North” series. Hopefully, they’ll be published soon and will be available as e-books and publish on demand (for those who love paperbacks). I thought I’d post a photo of this little guy from Australia… leadbeaters-possum A Leadbeater’s Possum (aka Fairy Possum). Too cute for words. A friend of mine told me, “ In Arkansas, this thing would be in a stew so fast, it’d make yer head spin!” I miss The South. aa-battle-flag-1s I’ll be back, inflicting my random scribblings on an unsuspecting public as soon as I can. aa-kendo-kanji-red

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Normally, one wouldn’t think insults would be a source of fondness and nostalgia.

The way phrases are turned in The South makes you rethink all of your notions about enjoying otherwise unpleasant things.

Here are a handful of my favourites…

Back in Papaw’s day, they would have kept him upstairs.

He ain’t hooked up right.


He’s about half a bubble off plumb.

His cheese done slid right off his cracker.

I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

I wonder what she would charge to haunt a house.

No decent woman can afford to be seen with him.


‘Nough to gag a maggot.

She talks just to hear her head rattle.

She’s three pickles shy of a quart.

That man ain’t got the decency to die.

You’ll have to look over him, he ain’t had no home trainin’.

popcorn-sutton-moonshine(The Late Great Popcorn Sutton – bootlegger)

Your hair looks pretty good but your clothes needs something done.

She could start an argument in an empty house.

That girl’s not wearing enough fabric to flag down a train.

He’s old as sin and twice as ugly.

You lie like a dirty cur dog.


That dress is ugly as homemade sin.

He don’t got all what belongs to him.

She has her nose so high in the air she could drown in a rainstorm.

He’s as windy as a sack full of farts.

He’s country as a bowl of grits.


He’s 10 pounds of manure in a 5 pound bag.

Useless as a screen door (or cat flap) on a submarine.

She looks like Death suckin’ a sponge.


Here are three of the most effective yet subtle insults. When said properly, they can be devastating. And if you’re not from The South, you probably won’t even know you’re being insulted…

You’re not from around here, are you?

Bless your heart.

That’s nice.


Thenk yew!


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Nothing says love like a bouquet of roses…


From Daryl Dixon!


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