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While the rest of us were out doing whatever the heck it is that we do, the geeks and nerdlings in the world of science were doing this…


Smartly done, folks!

New shape: http://bit.ly/1jHVFID
Y chromosome: http://bit.ly/1hrLASQ
Chernobyl: http://bit.ly/1tOdLR8
Coldest star: http://bit.ly/1fgit6q
Pterodactyloid: http://bit.ly/1hwaZuO
Aging: http://bit.ly/1rqpGT7
Mimic plant: http://bit.ly/RToETw
Mineral: http://bit.ly/1f4Sdf6




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In response to my last blog about log houses, a Japanese friend of mine – Mustang.Koji – recently mentioned the wooden homes of Shirakawa-go, Japan.


This was my introduction to the Minka wooden homes of Japan.


The term Minka (民家 literally “house of the people”)  covers houses that traditionally accommodated a wide variety of people such as farmers, artisans, and merchants (i.e., the three non-samurai castes).


My understanding is that these homes are traditionally made completely of wood. No nails used in construction!

minka-4(Gasshō style roof – farmhouse)

The Gasshō-zukuri (合掌造) style minka have vast roofs that are a large form of the sasu structural system. Their name derives from the similarity of the roof shape to two hands in prayer. They are frequently found in Gifu Prefecture.

minka-5(Honmune style house with birdlike decoration on the gable)

Honmune-zukuri (本棟造) literally means “true ridge”. The style has a nearly square plan with a gabled roof that is board covered. The gable end of the house is particularly impressive with its composition of beams, eaves and braces. The gable is topped by a birdlike ornament called a suzume-odori (雀踊り). Houses of this type can be found in Gunma, Nara, Yamaguchi and Kouchi prefectures.

Traditional-Hearth(Traditional Japanese hearth – irori [囲炉裏)])

These houses fascinate me!

minka-Ogimachi_Village(Gasshō-zukuri, Ogimachi Village)

Thanks to Mustang.Koji for bring this style of architecture to my attention… and to yours.


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We Need to Talk about the Onesie…

one-direction-onesies(One Direction… straight to fashion hell)

Reblogged from FashionFoodandFlirts.com
Published January 4, 2014.


fashion, food and flirts

…because it’s ugly… It’s awful… it’s unflattering… and it just looks really ridiculous and goofy.

In short: Onesies should never be worn outdoors. And yet, that is exactly what many people ended up doing in 2013. What happened to the world?

Since when did it become acceptable to wear baby pajamas in public? You’re adults! You should not be wearing long-legged, baggy animal costumes with fleece lining and zippers reaching from the neck to somewhere far below what is morally justifiable. You really shouldn’t.

To make things even worse, celebrities are contributing substantially to this trend deplorably universal frying of all stylish brain cells. Justin Bieber, One Direction, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt,…Everyone wears them outdoors. In public. For everyone to see. As if it is the most normal thing on the planet.


Let me tell you something, dear celebrities and all the others who are suffering from…

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If breakfast is really the most important meal of the day, Nathan Shields has a leg up. For the last two years, he’s been preparing amazing art pancakes for his kids — shaped like everything from fractals to highly detailed characters from The Hobbit – and documenting his efforts online.

saipancakes-1(Image credit: Nathan Shields)

Shields is a former math teacher and a professional artist, specializing in speed-drawing videos — a skill set, he says, that’s been helpful at the griddle. His background in secondary mathematics education has found its way into his designs as well. He’s made pancakes in the likenesses of mathematicians from Maria Agnesi to Linus Pauling and platonic solids to delicate fractals.

saipancakes-3(Image credit: Nathan Shields)

So far, the more theoretical pancakes are mostly lost on their lucky recipients, five-year-old Gryphon and three-year-old Alice, who prefer more hands-on fare. “So far the kids’ favorites have been the interactive pancakes,” said Shields, “the Angry Birds that are served by flinging them through the air, or the monster and pirate faces made by mixing and matching features.”

saipancakes-4(Image credit: Nathan Shields)

For budding pancake artists, Shields offers the following advice: “A condiment bottle makes the batter easier to control.” Still, he says, skill isn’t everything: “If the purpose is to make your kids smile, then a weird, ugly pancake is still better than a round one.”

Check out the photos at his site Saipancakes.blogspot.


The above text is by Rachel Edidin in her article  “Hobbits, Fractals, and Jellyfish Become Ridiculously Detailed Pancakes” for Wired.com.

Image credit: Nathan Shields

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The cherry blossom is an iconic Japanese image.

Cherry Blossom Trees, Japan

The season is short so it must be fully appreciated when the blossoms are in bloom.


Small, delicate, beautiful…


But seeing cherry trees on a large scale…


Dozens, hundreds…

Fuji Temple

Thousands of cherry trees carpeting the landscape. My mind reels at the thought.


And yet when all is said and done, it comes down to each individual blossom, standing on its own.


“The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.” [1]aa-kendo-kanji-red___________________________________________________________________________

[1] Lord Katsumoto (from the movie, ‘The Last Samurai‘)

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Ever have one of those mornings?

coffeeYeah, me too.

Momma said there’ll be days like this.


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There is a cute shopping area behind the Mamilla Hotel, not far from the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

last 012

It is a nice mix of old and modern architecture.

last 011

There are a lot of posh, trendy shops there.

last 013(Rolex and Crocs)

last 018(My daughter and Tomer Aharon in front of Abercrombie & Fitch)

There are also more than a few restaurants and cafés.

last 084(Aroma Espresso Bar)

last 083(Roladin Bakery & Café)

What you see as you stroll through the area are a lot of sculptures.

last 014(Ben Gurion standing on his head. Apparently, something he liked to do)

They’re everywhere!

last 019

And they are all for sale!

last 076

You’ll love them.

last 015

Some of the buildings have been reconstructed, stone by stone, all numbered so they could be put back in the same order.

last 017


last 078

If you want a really fun time…

last 059(It’s a stone’s throw from the Tower of David)

And you’re ever in Jerusalem and have an hour or so to spend…

last 115

visit Mamilla court…

last 020(Relax! It’s only a sculpture!)

Have a limonana…

last 098(Lemonade with fresh mint leaves)

Maybe some shakshuka…

last 120(Shakshuka – poached or fried egg with tomato sauce, served with tehina)

You’ll be amazed!

last 077

(in a good way)!


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