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Ah, those darling damsels in distress.


I can’t get enough of them. Then there are days when I wish they’d think first. Just for once! 🙂

When I do work as a public defender, many of the people I represent are girls between the ages of 12 and 17.


Some are kids who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Others are kids who make rotten choices when it comes to friends.


Some girls are devastated having spent a night in jail.

Some think it’s cool that they’ve spent some time in a juvenile detention centre.


And for a few sad cases, they don’t mind being in custody because the group home they’re housed in is a heck of a lot better than life at home. These girls are in no hurry to leave.

On the odd occasion, a brush with the law does the job and the kids straighten themselves up. Too few. Too far between.

For all of their nonsense, I really do enjoy helping these young people. I just wish they’d smarten up.



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Following my Freedom of the Press Worldwide atlas, I bring you…

The Bribery Atlas!

Percentage of a country’s population that has paid bribes.

bribe-map(The Baksheesh Boys!)

Again, it pans out pretty much as I thought it might.

Glad to see the Italian bribery percentage is as low as it is.

As for the No Data category, perhaps the makers of this map should have bribed some government officials for the stats.


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This world map pretty much confirms what we in the west already suspect.


Room for improvement in much of the world.


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