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The other day, I was sitting the lawyers’ lounge at one of the local courthouses, chatting and joking around with friends and colleagues after a morning in bail court when I suddenly remembered that I’d not turned on my cellphone after coming out of the courtroom.

No sooner was the little gizmo was up and running than I received that tell-tale sound and vibrating buzz which heralds the arrival of a new text message.

It was from my daughter, Exhibit One. “Picked up my diploma today!!”

I immediately sent her a reply “Mazel tov!” text message telling her how proud I was of her.

Sitting there, I took a deep breath as the moment washed over me. Four years of university. Four years of high school. Eleven years of Hebrew elementary day school, including nursery, junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten.

Surely it was only a couple of years ago that I stood on the sidewalk outside the Hamilton Hebrew Academy waiting to pick up my little girl from kindergarten.

Surely it was only a few years ago that I stood in a basement apartment in Montreal, holding my three-week old daughter at three in the morning, humming an old Fats Waller tune to get her to sleep after I changed her diaper.

Next week, she flies off for her second trip to Israel this summer.

In September, she turns twenty-two.

My thoughts then turned to my son, Exhibit Two.  A real mensch. A genuinely good young man – kind, sweet, generous, big-hearted, loving, tall, smart, handsome. In two years, he will graduate university as well. He has far exceeded all of my hopes and expectations for him. I could not be prouder of him.

I am overcome with how truly lucky I am to have such wonderful kids.

May G-d continue to bless my children, now and always.

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